saud albuainainA Business Analyst, personal development enthusiast, and an avid traveler; Saud Albuainain is currently working as a Strategic Projects Manager in the public sector.

Saud obtained his M.Sc. in Information Systems & Technology Management from George Washington University, and his B.Sc. in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. He’s also a Certified Process Master (CPP Master®), an Associate Value Specialist, and a Certified Leadership and Management Trainer.

Saud is socially active in the Bahraini community; he served as the awareness campaign manager for Recycle iT project, undertaken by Good Word Society; promoting a greener environment through reduction of e-waste in the kingdom of Bahrain from 2009-2012.

In 2012 he co-founded and chaired Youth Pioneer Society, the first NGO in the Kingdom of Bahrain concerned with youth professional development. The society has so far provided training and consultation services to more than 1000 beneficiaries in the fields of leadership, and career development.

His current project through Youth Pioneer Society is the Young Parliamentarian program, which aims at engaging Bahraini youth aged 17-27 in moderated discussions on social and civil issues, and develop their ability to structure their thinking, formulate positions and then share them through discussion and debate with other youth, parliamentarians, and government officials.

Saud’s interests include IT, Project Management, Business Process Management, Personal Development, and Public Speaking.


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